Turn Your Freebies Into Forever Fans with a Plug & Play ListBuilder Toolkit
Build Your List at Super Fast Speed & Convert Followers Into Red Hot Leads ...In Just 7 Days

You're already building your following on social media and putting a lot of effort into organic client attraction - but now you want to press the FAST FORWARD button on your conversions. 

Your social media followers are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your offers... but converting your followers on social is the low & slow approach.

If you want to put your client attraction on steroids, email is the way forward - and is set to be one of THE big trends in 2023. 

Email is by no means dead. 

Hot leads in your inbox mean: 

  • Your list members WILL receive your content - you're not at the mercy of inconsistent algorithms giving you no control over who sees your content. With email YOU'RE in control of what lands in your list members inbox. 
  • Your list is OWNED by you. You've probably heard of people having their social media accounts hacked or shut down? When that happens - its bye bye to all the followers you spent so long nurturing! You want them in your own system. 
  • Your list allows you to build relationships and sell by giving value and making offers your reader will  actually see  - offers they may otherwise miss among the noise on social media.

The problem is that it's time consuming and overwhelming to think about all the set up  and to then know what to do with your email subscribers. 

And you don't want to  take YET ANOTHER COURSE, or drive yourself mad trying to figure out the strategy. 

This takes time away from what you actually want to be doing - working with your clients and making an impact on their lives. 

Fear not - we've got you. 

Introducing the Plug & Play List Builder Toolkit 
The fastest way to maximise your list-building efforts
This tool kit is the result of YEARS of expertise from marketing experts who specialise in working with therapists, coaches, hypnotherapists and healers, just like you. 

This means you will have access to a collection of templates, swipe files and frameworks that were created FOR YOU. 

Simply adapt to your own message, plug in and go! 

For the price of a daily coffee for a week, you can cross email marketing off your to-do list once and for all!

Your Plug & Play List Builder Bundle will include:

  • 99 'Moth To A Flame' Lead Magnet swipe file -  stop overthinking what to give away with this bank of 99 examples to draw inspo from!
  • 'Fab Freebie Framework'  no more worries about your offer with this framework to ensure your offer STANDS OUT among the noise!
  • 'Insert and Convert' Opt-in Page Wireframe - Save hours wondering what should be in an optin page with this Plug & Play Convert Kit template - PLUS a PDF download with the steps and checklist if you are using another email system. 
  • Delivery with a BANG Email - No more wondering how to get that first email that drops in an inbox with a BANG. Swipe this email, make your own and go!
  • Compel to Sell  Email Sequence - Stop wondering what to say, how often to  email and how to add value - this 7 email sequence is ready to swipe and use is designed to nurture, excite and convert your new  leads!
  • Handy User Roadmap - your visual guide and mini tutorial to understand the journey of your user - understand the basics  without a PHD on the subject!
  • 7 Day List Builder Planner And Checklist - Making this task simple, actionable and full of endorphin hits as you check items off the list daily!

Job done.
Ok - ready for it?

This product is THE time buster and stress free companion for getting your list up and running - once and for all. 

It is available for pre-order at this NO BRAINER price ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON 30TH NOVEMBER. 

After this time the investment will go up and the bonus call will disappear!


Here's a reminder of the features in your bundle:

99 'Moth To A Flame' Lead Magnet swipe file to give you TONS of inspo on what to offer your social media followers 

'Fab Freebie Framework' - a checklist of what your free offer must have to STAND OUT and GRAB your followers 

'Insert and Convert' Opt-in Page Wireframe - simply insert your offer and message to the pre-made framework & start collecting emails 

Delivery with a BANG Email - delivery email copy to swipe and make your own and have your new leads counting down to your next email! 

Compel to Sell  Email Sequence - 7 adapt-and-go follow up emails, to nurture your new leads & get them ready & excited to work with you 

Handy User Roadmap - Your comprehensive user roadmap and mini tutorial to understand the full set up - step by step 

7 Day List Builder Planner And Checklist to keep you on track and ensure all the set up is done and dusted in just 7 days 


Plug & Play List Builder Toolkit$27

Got questions? No problem! Just  email them across, we're very happy to answer anything!

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Simply take the posts, adapt and go!

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A bit about me...

I have 4 obsessions in life: Program design, marketing, personal development and my family (and cocktails...but that's another story!)

After many years in program design and marketing in the 'corporate world',  I  retrained  as a hypnotherapist (because I am fascinated with anything to do with the mind and had a MINDBLOWING experience as a result of hypnotherapy)

Having my son made me realise how important time freedom is - so I decided to enter into the business world as hypnotherapist. 

To cut a long story short, I fell in love so much with the marketing aspect (that so many personal development experts DON'T like), that I decided to use my skills and passion to help other experts in that field use their incredible tools to impact others. 

Over the years I've supported hundreds of therapists, hypnotherapists and coaches individually to grow their brand and make an impact and have also developed and launched highly profitable online programs for multiple high profile brands including Celebrity Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, Performance Coach Will Polston and Public Speaking Coach Elliot Kay. 

I'm excited to support you on this next crucial step of your journey!